Hard Garments : Pain is progress.

2020. If you got through it you're stronger, that's for sure. Plenty of naysayers would have you believe that last calendar year wasn't the year to create a new business or launch a lifestyle brand. We disagree! In fact, within in chaos there are more opportunities for growth than anywhere else and if you can struggle through hardship with the correct mindset the pros far outweigh the cons. Our popular tee slogan doesn't say "Fuck Your Comfort Zone" for nothing!  Outside of there (your comfort zone) is where all your gains are, whether that be in the gym, on the mats or in life. Make the effort to spend some time there with intent on a regular basis and watch your growth expand tenfold. 

Fuck your comfort zone t-shirt

Created in the North of England, Hard Garments is a lifestyle brand with a passion for the martial arts lifestyle, the warrior mindset and sharp design. We live and breath what we preach and create exclusive quality clothing and accessories that can withstand the mats, cage or gym yet won't look out of place on the street. 

Not only do we train and compete in Martial Arts ourselves but we have also partnered up with our friend and UFC Heavyweight Tom Aspinall as we follow his journey through the elite ranks of mixed martial arts. You can grab Tom's official merchandise via the store. 

Tom Aspinall and Hughie Fury

Jump on and join us for the ride and we'll provide the motivation, clothing and collectibles. Be sure to get involved via our social media channels and we welcome your feedback. 



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